A Richer Experience

Momentum in 2012 and Beyond

A new fiscal year, CEO and board leadership. A new strategic plan for the future. With renewed momentum, the Society is poised to support the post-recession revival of our industry, to invigorate our profession and to propel our practice into ever more meaningful realms of possibility.

our purpose

Enriching the Practice of Interior Design

We are the core and voice of the design community … a force for innovation … a champion of how interior design enhances the human experience.

The Society's leadership has put interior design at the forefront of important trends like sustainable design and has informed legislation such as the Americans with Disabilities Act—underscoring the positive impact of design in our homes, offices and public spaces.

Through advocacy, research, partnerships and accreditation programs, we support your mission to create spaces where people live more fully, work more productively, learn better and heal faster.

our people

Good design is about people. So is ASID.

We are designers, industry representatives, educators and students who believe in the power of interior design to improve the human experience. We are committed to creating engaging and functional spaces that meet client needs while protecting the health and safety of people in interior environments. And we are committed to encouraging others to do the same.

As members of ASID, we forge relationships that give rise to collaboration. And through our collaboration, we elevate design.

2012 initiatives

Taking the Practice to New Places

In 2012, we engaged in many new initiatives aimed at improving connectivity among members, giving you better business tools, increasing leadership training for our chapters, and communicating clearer, more consistent messaging on the impact of interior design on the human experience.

Through programs like GO PRO and RealWorld DesignWeek, and by recruiting talented members from our chapters to serve on national councils, the Society never stops nurturing a dynamic exchange of ideas.

We're focused on guiding change and innovation to maximize our members' potential and the potential of interior design.


Crunching the Numbers

In 2012, ASID saw stabilization within the industry and its membership. These are the internal, unaudited financial statements for the Society and its Foundation.

(The audited statements will be posted once they are available.)

1974 NCIDQ Established

Predecessor organizations, AID and NSID establish NCDIQ. The Council administers its first qualifying exam later that year

1975 ASID Established

On January 1, AID and NSID merge to create ASID. The new organization is headquartered in New York City.

1990 Title Acts Signed into Law

Title acts are signed into law in California, Illinois and New York, changing the landscape for interior design legislative efforts across the United States.

1993 U.S. Green Building Council Established

The U.S. Green Building Council is established with ASID as a founding member.

1996 Interior Design Recognized as Industry

The Federal government formally recognizes the interior design profession under the new North American Industry Classification System, thanks in part to a decades-long campaign by ASID.

2000 InformeDesign Founded

ASID is the founding sponsor of InformeDesign, the first online database of research on design and behavior.

2005 Board Establishes National Councils

The ASID board identifies Sustainable Design and Aging in Place as areas of strategic focus and establishes national councils.

2009 ASID UNi Launches

ASID launches ASID UNi, the first online learning platform developed solely for interior design professionals.

2011 Interior Design Billings

ASID initiates the ASID Interior Design Billings and Inquiries Index, the first business performance tracking tool for the industry.

2012 Inaugural State of the Industry Report

ASID releases its inaugural State of the Industry report.

our impact

Always Working to Make a Difference

ASID is a leading voice in the conversation about how interiors can be human-centered, supportive to our productivity and restorative in times of stress.

In our 2012 State of the Industry report, we opened with the assertion that interior design can, and does, help address a wide range of social, economic and health issues confronting our nation. The ASID Foundation is a leading force in research and education on these topics.

From our mid-1990s study on acoustics and office productivity to our current support of research on how design affects human behavior, we have worked to back up the important design work you do with our research. In fact, ASID is the only professional organization that maintains a regular program of research and knowledge development on interior design practices and issues.


Highlights from the New Strategic Plan

As the Society set the agenda for the next three years, it focused on three overarching issues affecting our members and their practices:

  • Globalization—helping our members compete in a global marketplace
  • Social responsibility—using design to make a beneficial impact on the human experience
  • New business models—disseminating the best practices for interior design businesses

The new ASID Strategic Plan FY 2013 – 2015 also defines four goals for the Society:

  1. To be the core of the design network—a valuable resource for our members and the recognized leader of collaboration in the industry.
  2. To expand the knowledge base of interior design by creating, collecting and distributing research and information.
  3. To deliver opportunities and resources that help our members expand their practices and promote the value of interior design.
  4. To create a leadership culture within the organization that increases our performance.

These are exciting times for ASID. We are moving forward, through deliberate and focused collaboration, to increase our visibility and stand as a committed voice for the profession.